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Q: What's a digital marketing taxonomy and why does it matter to my digital marketing program? 

A: It will help you connect all your data and understand at a glance which of your digital marketing assets, CTAs and content marketing channels are moving the needle.

Q: Who should attend? 

A: Digital marketers and content marketers who are managing a program with at least 8 digital marketing channels (each social media platform, email marketing, influencer programs etc) and at least 10 content marketing assets. High volume content marketers with conversion targets and B2B marketers will especially benefit.

Attendees also get a free 30 day trial of our taxonomy engine SqueezeCMM!

You'll Learn

What is a Digital Taxonomy?

How to set one up.

How to use a Digital Taxonomy to maximize your content performance. 





Jen Evans 

Co-founder of SqueezeCMM

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Date: Thursday Sept. 7th,  2017
Time: 1:00pm EST
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Jen is the inventor of SqueezeCMM's content marketing classification system, a content marketing pioneer, and has been running successful, data-driven content marketing programs for Fortune 50 companies for 15 years. Jen's focus is data-driven programs that get smarter and generate better results over time.

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An Introduction to #DigitalMarketing #Taxonomy: 

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